Discussion with the canton

On the 2nd of September 2021 we discussed the situation with the cantonal office for sport. Even though friendly and helpful, the cantonal officers explained clearly that from the cantonal point of view swimming without certified supervision will no longer be possible in the future. However, a reduced user fee in off-peak hours would be conceivable. From our point of view, however, not only the user fee but above all the supervision is almost impossible, e.g. in the morning at 6h.<br>A common goal in the discussion is the widest possible use of the existing covered water area in Basel, so the current situation is unsatisfactory for everyone. Since 1.1.2021, the water area (admittedly small and not very deep, but all the more appreciated) has been “managed”, but can only be used by primary schools for a few hours per day. The off-peak hours, weekends and holidays are currently unused.

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