Reserve swimmingpool

This page is only an experimental one:

  • You may later use the calendar below to reserve the released pool times for yourself.

For the moment, of course, these are still dummy bookings – we do not yet have access to the pool.

There are 5 places available that can be booked at the same time. The number is meant as “adults” because more than that can never swim at the same time. Everyone should only book as many adults as actually show up. So – select the number under “Quantity” and press “Book”. A confirmation email will be sent and then only the remaining places will be displayed.

Pick an event on the calendar:

Also planned for later…

If you have registered with the administrator as a “supervisor”, you can also release pool times yourself. This is subject to a few conditions

  • The person is certified as a supervisor with the “Pool plus brevet”.
  • The times have been approved by the canton
  • No one else has already made a reservation (e.g. swimming lessons of the swimming clubs, school, etc.).

Note that the possibility of such an own “time management” is still written in the stars…