entry to the swimming pool

The use of the swimming pool by the NVS is ready in principle, the official start will be after the General Assembly.

Fixed blocks of time:

Two hours per week, are reserved for the NVS.

  • Saturday 16-17h for children’s swimming (max. 4 families)
  • Sunday 8-9am for lane swimming (no children, max. 4 adults)

The booking system limits the number of users to four lane swimmers or four families

Flexible time blocks:

Certified swimmers can open individual hours during free times to offer more swimming opportunities. Speak to the certified swimmers and find a free lesson with them.

Book pool entry:

The payment process is ready:

  • The booking process will run via this webpage and uses Twint or credit card
  • The current price is an estimate, we will adjust the price according to the number of swimmers
  • Hey – only NVS swimming members can swim at NVS swimming…. become NVS member today! 🙂

Here is the procedure:

  1. Apply for membership:
    • Visit the NVS contact page and download the disclaimer.
    • Sign the disclaimer and send it back to the NVS.
  2. Pay the membership fee:
    • Wait for the membership fee invoice, which will be sent to you by e-mail from the NVS.
    • Transfer the membership fee according to the instructions on the invoice.
  3. Create a webpage account:
    • Register for a swimming account on the NVS website under “my account”. Set your login and password.
    • The administrator will check your paid membership fee and the signed liability agreement.
    • After successful verification, your account will be upgraded to a “swimming account”.
    • Wait for confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your swimming account is activated.
  4. Book a swimming lesson:
    • You can only log in to the NVS website under “my account” once you have received the confirmation. You will then also see an agenda showing the available swimming lessons. You can book these as soon as they have been authorised by an NVS supervisor.
    • The booking process uses Twint or credit card
    • The current price is an estimate, we will adjust the price to the number of swimmers

Here is the current full agenda:

Wähle den Event, klicke auf „buchen“. Chose an Event, click on „book“. Choisis ton événement, appuie sur « book »