another contact with the cantonal sport office

On 1 December, we contacted again the cantonal sports office and told them that we were still waiting impatiently for someone to make a move:

  • CMS refers to the contract with the canton and accordingly says that they see no possibility of granting us access to the hall.
  • The cantonal sports office sees the use of the swimming hall only with a user fee and in particular with the obligatory involvement of certified supervisors.

Both the CMS and the Canton of Basel-Stadt claim that they understand and support our concerns, but now 11 months have passed since the closure of the hall.

In order to make a step forward we will try to find out the exact prices in order to be able to use the hall at the current conditions of the canton (which would be extremely expensive for our intended use as it was before).

We started the discussion with the email sent out on 1 December.

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