Sport department 15.11.2022

Foto Sportamt Gebäude

On 15.11.2022 a meeting was held with the Basel-Stadt Sports department and the Weiherweg-Dalbehof Swimming Club, as well as a representative of Regimo. The following was the essence of the discussion:

  1. The swimming pool managed by the canton can only be used with brevetted supervision.
  2. The pool can be rented by the hour (more expensive) or by the season (less expensive) during the times that are not covered by the canton (school, swimming courses, etc.)
  3. The water quality must be tested before each use.

Based on these limitations, it looks to us like the use of the pool via NVS can only happen if we can find a complementary external funding source for it.

To take this a step further, NVS has been asked to conduct a needs survey of its members. This is to determine

1) How many NVS members want to swim.

2) What level of a subscription fee is affordable for which offering.

3) How many already have (or are willing to take) a Brevet Pool Plus.

4) What time slots are in demand besides occupied course times – and how often. Also how school vacations will be dealt with.

We will create an online survey for members accordingly and e-mail it to them.

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