Demolition of the swimming hall – new building planned

Completely unexpectedly, demolition work on the swimming pool began today.

Enquiries by the NVS to CMS have revealed that it has now been decided to enlarge the water areas in Basel after all. Together with the Basel-Stadt Sports Office, CMS has therefore redirected its focus from the planned transformations in the Dreispitz district to a new building in Sesselacker.

The existing swimming pool is to be removed and a new, massively larger one built: as Water Worlds, this is to be open all year round and freely accessible to the public. In addition to thermal baths, there will also be various slides, water fun & surprises for the whole family.

The star architects Herzog and de Meuron were promptly contracted to design a building project shortly before Easter, with the ambitious goal of opening it as early as the end of summer 2023. “With this project, Basel-Stadt has the unique opportunity to create a new attraction on the Bruderholz from which the Basel population, but also numerous industries, will directly benefit,” the CMS management is quoted as saying.

As NVS we are of course very happy about this news, but we have some concerns about the time schedule…

The speed of the development so far to regain access to the swimming hall makes us a little hesitant to rejoice about this great news…

The NVS wishes everyone a good start to the month of April.

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