Result of the round table of the 8th of may

On 8 May 2023, a meeting took place between the Basel Sports Office, CMS, the Weiherweg-Dalbehof swimming club and the NVS. It was all about access to the swimming hall for the NVS.

The cantonal representative was in principle open for a NVS use at off-peak times. However, he made it clear that supervision with a brevet was absolutely necessary. He offered to examine various possibilities to accommodate the NVS:

The basic pool brevet as a minimum requirement (1 day training course)
A specific NVS pool brevet training in summer
Low rental costs for the off-peak periods

He suggested reserving time slots for the NVS in off-peak times where we can book our sessions flexibly. His aim is to have a working system in place by autumn 2023.

However, there are still a wide variety of unanswered questions to be resolved:

Who from the NVS is willing to do the brevet? The more certified we have, the more we can open the pool and swim.
What should the payment system look like? (NVS or canton?)
How should the key system work? (our preference is a transparent electronic solution)
How should the water quality tests be carried out? (we need to get a short training on this)

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