Start of NVS swimming in sight

On the weekend of 20 April 2024, the NVS board informed the members that swimming on behalf of the NVS will soon be able to start. As already communicated at the General Assembly, the framework is set by the current tenant (the Canton of Basel).

  • Swimming only with certified supervision
  • Hall hire (discounted due to off-peak hours)
  • Initially, a trial of two hours per week is to take place

In order to fulfil these conditions, the current NVS members were contacted. According to the General Assembly, membership will be subject to a fee and must therefore be confirmed. There are three different memberships available – each with an annual fee:

  1. Passive member
  2. Active member (general)
  3. Active member (swimming & general)

For those who wish to swim, the board has drawn up a document with rules of behaviour and use as well as a declaration on the exclusion of liability of the NVS. These must be signed by the swimmers in order to become swimming members of the NVS.


We start with two short swim times per week on behalf of the NVS. As the hall is very small, we have to limit the number of people swimming at the same time. Reservations can be made via this NVS page (members area / swimming pool reservation). Please note: the (small) membership fee does not cover the actual entrance fee to the hall. This will be charged separately – the exact costs are still to be determined. For the time being, we are starting with two fixed swimming times per week – but the aim is to be able to open up further, more flexible swimming times with enough certified volunteer supervisors. The more certified members we have, the easier this expansion will be.

We are currently negotiating the details of our access (e.g. key) with the Basel Swimming Club.

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