NVS Exchange

In beautiful sunshine today 22.10.22 we presented the current situation of the discussion with the canton on the subject of swimming hall Sesselacker:

– there is a little movement

– a meeting is planned for mid-November

In addition, general topics about the neighborhood, and also some CMS tenant issues were addressed.

– Idea to organize a “flea market in front of the door” of the CMS buildings followed by a social gathering (period May/June2023, clarification by NVS to follow)

– Communication with the CMS buildings administration is laborious, but usually leads to success through various channels.

– there is still a lack of clarity regarding the new responsibilities of the CMS tenants

– now there are already 3 interested parties for the Bruderholz book, if we find 7 more, we will get it together for only 60 Fr per piece

It was nice and invigorating to talk together and we are looking forward to more NVS meetings!

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